Cloud Computing

BRSCS offers comprehensive cloud technologies services. Using our knowledge in top tech languages & frameworks we process & manage efficiently.

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Websites and Web Apps

We build scalable and responsive websites for businesses to uplift online presence. We use latest technologies for building efficient products.

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Virtual Education

Our expertise lies in various available cloud solutions available in the market today, however we hold a special place for Azure and its vast range of services.

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We don’t hide, we stand tall in front of chalenge

Digital technologies have become ubiquitous today and users or consumers are at the centre of this. The industry however faces a huge gap between creative insight and technology implementation. BRSCS was born out of a dream to incorporate creative technology in the marketing space. Our solutions are light, agile and built to make you meet your business goals. It is at the cusp of marketing and technology where the solutions of BRSCS lie.

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We build a strong team of great people

The core of our services include technology and digital implementation. The need in the market for such solutions made us competent but it is our passion for technology that make us stand apart. Technology has moved far and beyond since the inception of the internet. We use new age scalable and light technologies for our solutions. These solutions are efficient, cost effective and scalable. This approach towards technology is our call for the future.
If technology fills the flesh of our solutions, creativity is its backbone. Creativity at BRSCS isn’t about artful application but a way of thinking. A more common business parlance for this would be – we live by design thinking. We keep the consumer at the centre of our creativity and live by continuous learning. In this world our creativity is also ever changing. We do this by getting the right people and always learning.

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BRSCS was born out of a dream to incorporate creative technology in the marketing space. We are young, curious and meticulous.

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